7 Biblical Answers To Living A Fulfilled Life

Where a man will end up in life has a lot to do with his choices and actions of today. The quality of a man’s action essentially determines how far he can go in life. Whether a man was born with a silver spoon in his mouth or born into a financially deprived family; his thoughts, actions; perception, his faith, attitude and relationships he builds along the way, among other factors, contribute notably to where or what he attains in life. The book teaches and guides you on how to put the proverbial car of your life in the hands of the Almighty God. For only by Him, under Him, in Him, around Him, with Him and through Him that a fulfilled life can be enjoyed. While answering Seven important biblical questions on how to live a fulfilled life pleasing to God, the book deals with dangers of impatience. It gives invaluable teachings on who should be your ally in your quest to live a fulfilling life. The book also highlights how to handle promises of God that may appear delayed. The book undoubtedly will encourage and inspire you. It will instil invaluable biblical virtues in you. It will also help you to learn how to trust in the capacity of the Almighty God to actualise all the promises he has made concerning your life.

Those who make things happen in our world have not got two heads; unleash the creative but positive power of God in you on your world to join their rank and file. - Pastor Simeon AkindeleTweet
December 2018
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